New Year, New Life?




When a new year begins we feel that freedom of starting over and erasing the mistakes of the past to become a better version of ourselves. We want to eat healthier, exercise, share more with our loved ones and….find true love! For all single people out there: it’s time to start searching! Prepare yourself to meet new people and have fun. Be open to new ways of finding your better half, like visiting new places, traveling or downloading applications such as #MiCrush. On the other hand, if you are in a stable and happy relationship, plan the things you’d like to do with your partner: traveling together, buying a pet, or taking that big step to the altar! If, however, you’re dating someone who does not make you happy, free yourself! It is time to stop wasting your time and start 2016 single, but with the best vibes. Removing all the negative will bring the positive things into your life. Make a list of all the good and bad of 2015, and write your resolutions for 2016. The New Year will come for sure, but building the new life is up to you.