JCrush’s Most Crushed Bachelorette in Paris: Kelly


Q: When you’re not at work, what are you up to?

A: When I have free time I just love to go shopping (like every girl) and have good times with my friends and family. I love going out and discovering new spots.

Q: What qualities are you looking for in a JCrush bachelor?

A: I’m looking for someone funny and really cool who doesn’t take life too seriously. Someone who loves his family and food too!! Lol! And of course someone who wants me to be in his life.

Q: What is your favorite date idea/location?

A: I love a long night walk in Paris where we can speak about all we want, not the usual “have a drink.” But I won’t say no to a walk at the seaside if I’m in a country with a beach.

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