Four Types of Guys You Meet on Dating Apps

We think it’s safe to say that if you are using one dating app, most likely you have a few more apps that you log into from time to time to widen your dating pool. Each app has at least one of these four types lurking in your matches. The more apps you are on, the more likely you are to spot these guys straight away!


The Stalker

This guy won’t leave you alone. He’s overly persistent and messages you at least once or all three times of the day: morning, noon and night. He also uses any national holiday as an excuse to message you. Happy New Year! Happy Memorial Day! Happy Mother’s Day! Girl, you no longer need a calendar. The guy talks to himself all day and doesn’t get the point. Points for persistency though, maybe one girl will eventually respond.

The Pen Pal

Beware of this one! This guy will text with you all day long but never gets down to business! He will ask you questions about your favorite food, color, restaurants, names of your parents, where you went to school (you get the point) BUT he will never ask you to meet in person. Why? He is probably in a relationship or married and just wants to be your pen pal. Stop replying and start swiping other guys immediately.

Mr. One-liner 

Ever get a cheesy pick-up line that made you cringe like “Are you a parking ticket? Because you’ve got fine written all over you?” Don’t worry, so did 10 other matches from this guy. These guys write the same line to all their matches and see which one bites. Have some fun with these guys, and answer back with an even cheesier line of your own! Let’s see who wins this one-liner battle.

Straight-to-bed Guy

You really have to be in the mood for this type. If it’s 1 AM and you get a message from this guy who makes it clear that he’s only here to hook up, then the timing of his offer really has to be right for you. Most girls prefer to get dinner or drinks first but hey, if you like the aggressive type, there’s an app for that, a bunch of dating apps 😉

Keep calm and keep crushing!


Sonya & Natasha