Crush Mobile Featured In Cosmopolitan’s “Dating App School” Article

“The last thing you need is a pen pal,” says , CEO of dating app development company Crush Mobile. “Get off the app, and get to know each other in per- son to see if sparks fly.” First, exchange about 15 to 30 mes- sages or chat for one to three days, to make sure you have a lot in common and feel com- fortable with each other.

Then trade numbers and make a specific first-date game plan (“Let’s meet at 8 p.m. on Tues- day at ___”). If you’re hesitant to hand out your digits, sign up for a Google Voice account and use that number, suggests Diaz. And obviously, make sure that the location you agree to is in a public, well-lit place and you text a friend where you’ll be and that you got home safely… oh, and that you may have just met your dream guy.

By Faye Brennan

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