And now, what?




December ended … You have to go back to work, the gym, the traffic and loneliness. And your whole family returned home, your friends do not have much free time, and you’re still single like last year. Do not let the sparkle of the New Year go fast. Make a list of resolutions you want to achieve and paste it on the mirror. Try to do something you love every day. Go work out. Find a book you’ve always been interested in and read it in the park. Sign up for that class you always wanted to take. Be the best at your job! Or find a new one you really like! Buy a pet. It’s true that our whole life moves around love, but many people are so focused on getting someone who wants them, that they forget that the most important love begins with us. If you’re happy within yourself, you will reflect it on your outside. Work first on you and your happiness.